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The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show
is one of the most popular Easy to Succeed Fundraising Hypnosis shows in the country!

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High School Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James performs clean after prom party that has performed in school programs in over 35 states.

The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show is the most popular after prom hypnotic show in the country!  The program emphasis is on fun, safe hypnotic entertainment that is sure to be the hit of the party for students and graduates. Sure to create memories that last a lifetime!
 Call Bruce for more info
email us with your event details.
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High School Comedy Hypnotist Stage Fundraising Hypnotist Comedian Hypnotist performing stage hypnosis Bruce James
Imagine holding a fundraiser that was easy, fun and profitable.
Would you be surprised if I told you that YES . . . it is possible.

If you are expected to coordinate your club’s fundraising efforts
and are committed to achieving your group’s financial goals, we can help.

The Bruce James  Comedy Hypnosis Show is a proven way for your school
to have a very exciting, fun and profitable evening.
As you read the following and discover how easy
it is to raise the much needed cash for your group.

Step 1

Contact Bruce  at 1-800-715-1333 X 3292
860-625-5347 Cell

We will arrange a date and time for your show.
We will mail to you the following:
An intial fundraising information package.

If you choose to book a date right away we'll send you
posters, tickets, press releases, and  a contract agreement.

You allocate the tickets to your students to sell to friends, family or fellow students.
On the day of the show we provide the show, music, props and additional tickets if necessary.

Your group and audience has a great time either participating in the show
or watching their friends and family member do some really amazing things.

After the show we split up the tickets proceeds as follows:

The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show
receives the money for the first 50 tickets.
After the first 50 tickets we split 50/50.

  As an example:
 If your group sells 300 tickets at $10 a ticket your profit for the evening is $1,250.
 Great money, great show! With no risk on your part.

 Are you interested in raising some easy money using a proven method?

Give us a call today! Once you begin talking about the show,
you'll see how easy it is to sell tickets.
Limited Dates are available,
Call NOW to reserve your date.

Step 2

Choosing a location.

Where is the show held?

Usually the show is held in the school’s theatre,
a buildings multi-purpose room, an auditorium or gymnasium.

Step 3

Are tickets hard to sell?

Hypnosis shows are one of the best drawing events
at campuses and high schools.

People have a chance to become the stars of the show.  
It is the ultimate in audience participation, a “REAL” reality show.   
Your event will be talked about and remembered for a long time.
 Often we have  limited dates available!

 The sooner you set a date the better.

 We will work with you so that we can accommodate your schedule.
 Remember it is important to schedule the show on a day
 that will not conflict with other local activities.

 We have found that weekend shows do quite well
 but weekday shows still draw large happy crowds.

Step 4

What are the Risks involved?  Virtually None!

Due to numerous requests we have formulated a special fund raising program.
The best thing about our plan is that it doesn't cost
you or your organization even one dollar to get started!
The show is "NO RISK" to you!

 We will produce the show and provide everything
 you need at no cost to you guaranteed.
 Your community will be excited to attend this terrific program.
 This show is great entertainment! It's unique and fun.
 Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and is extremely safe.

 Step 5

What is the overhead for the show?

All that we need is a place to perform the show,
15-20 high backed chairs (folding chairs do quite well), and two regular tables.
We provide the posters, tickets, press releases, ads,
wireless microphone, music, props,
and the entire show.

 Why do you do fundraising shows?

We often see organizations struggling with car washes, bake sales, candy sales and flee markets.

These events did raise some money but required an enormous amount of time and money.

A Hypnosis show has virtually no overhead and is a very popular event,
which makes tickets very easy to sell.

Everyone has a great time at the show and it is over in approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Count the tickets make a deposit to your account
and have fun remembering how much your group enjoyed the show.
Give us a call today and let us help you make this event a reality
that will be remembered.

We look forward to working with you!

For More Info or to lock in your date, CALL
 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

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Geoffrey Roning Group - Entertainment Agents Summer 09

Dear Bruce,  
I wanted to thak you once again for participationg in our graduation season.

The client feedback on you and your show was very positive.  
Both the clients and I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility,
and how easy it is to work with you.

It isn't easy to find a hypnotist that understands the needs of the
graduates and their parents,
and I am very happy that we have found one who does.

thanks you again!

Wendy Ronning

Montville High School Drama Club, CT

Enjoyed it very much.
Loved seeing the kids' responses.
Couldn't believe it!
Couldn't be easier to work with you.

Note forwarded to the principal and superintendent:

"The kids were well behaved, the kids on stage were wonderful, and
Bruce James had great control.  It was an outstanding fundraiser."

 ~ Dee Lamperelli

Simsbury High School - Prom May 09

Everyone I talked to loved the show.  
The kids didn't move once the show started. Very professional.  
I saw another show of this type at a graduation event
and the performer was a little too sarcastic with the kids.  
Excellent Show

 ~ Debbie O'Brien

For More Info or to lock in your date, CALL
 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

• create memories that last a lifetime  • offers light educational message