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Teaching Students
How to Exceed Goals
and Conquer Challanges
School Comedy Hypnotist, Bruce James, CH
Educational -
Author, Master Hypnotist
Bruce James, CH, NLP
infuses comedy
while delivering a
strong educational message

His educational
message will help
to inspire young adults
to overcome the hurdles
set by media and
peer pressure.
Motivational -
This event will encourage
each person to breakthrough
limitations giving insight to
tap into personal strength
and build self esteem.
Mr James will be happy
to design a program tailored
to the unique issues facing
the staff and students of
your individual school.
Entertaining -
This presentation
not only enlightens
the students but
faculty and
parents as well.
Every program is
fun and lighthearted
all the while delivering
a positive message
of the power of
one's mind.
During a demonstration,
through the safe
use of hypnosis
Mr. James displays
how simple it can be
to harness one's own
subconscious powers.

Learning to master one's
thoughts can help
change one's perspective
on anything.

Show Profile
90 seconds
High School Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James performs clean power of the mind entertainment that has performed in school programs in over 35 states.

The Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show is one of the most popular High School Stage Hypnosis show in the country!  The program emphasis is on fun, safe hypnotic entertainment that is sure to be the hit of the school year for students and graduates. Sure to create memories that last a lifetime!
 Call Bruce for more info
email us with your event details.
(place HYPNOTIST in subject)


For More Info or to lock in your date, CALL
 Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

For More Info or to lock in your date, CALL
 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

Absolutely and Completely satisfied - Sweet 16 Party in Norwich CT area November 2011

We recently had Bruce for our daughters Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party and it was more than I expected.
When we booked Bruce we were looking for something that would be a little different
and entertaining for both our family and friends.
We had no idea how entertaining and worth the cost this decision would be.

The party was a huge success and will be talked about for years to come.
Bruce was a gentlemen and very entertaining for both the younger crowd and the older crowd.
We have not laughed that hard in a very long time.

Our sixteen year old was one of the lucky ones to be hypnotized and she was hilarious, along with all the others.
Bruce puts on a well organized and entertaining show and we will definatley recommend him to others
and use his services in the future as well.

Thank you Bruce for helping to make Kelseys Sweet Sixteen the party to remember!!!

Strand Theater Cheerleader Fundraising Event
(E-mailed in Testimonial For November 18,2011 Event.)
Bruce your show was great. It was so awesome working with you and cant wait to work with you again next fall. Everyone is talking about it!!!!! Thanks so much...

Amesbury Middle School
(Mailed in Testimonial For May 26, 2011 School Assembly.)
The Amesbury Middle School community would like to thank you
for your excellent show at our school on Thursday May 26th, 2011.  
We recognize the sacrifices you made both in travel time and monetarily,
and appreciate your flexibility to meet our budget and time restrictions.  

Our EAST excellence celebration recognizes the commitment the 213 participants
made throughout the school year and throughout your show you mentioned their achievement,
positively reinforcing their hard work.  Your show was outstanding.  

The students and staff laughed so much and continued to talk about it for days.  
The first rate performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees
and missed by those who were not invited.  So again, on behalf of the students and staff at
Amesbury  Middle School we would like to send our gratitude
to you and your assistant for your performance.

Sincerely, Amesbury Middle School EAST teachers and Students.

Private Grad Party, July 10, 2011 - Watertown, CT

Thank YOU for such a great performance yet AGAIN!!!!!
You were a total success. It was my pleasure to right a review for you and I can't WAIT to get the dvd!!!!
I already had one of my guests ask for your phone number!!!! Y

ou will absolutely be hearing from me again....every year I have a holiday party at my studio
and I think it would be awesome to have you there this year to entertain my students.

Once again, it was great to see you again.
Your assistant is absolutely a sweetheart and it was a pleasure meeting her also.
Talk to you in the near future.


Granby Jr/Sr High School - MA
(Mailed in testimonial for Fundraiser Dec 3, 2010
Everyone I spoke with had a terrific time!  
The intro was informative and something that people hadn't seen
from other hypnotist performances. It made everything more believable and real.

I know that you will be back to Granby HS again
and I look forward to seeing your show again!

~ Deb Pratt - Event Coordinator

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen.
Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

Bruce and Kelly.. you both are not only a beautiful couple but a very attentive and nurturing couple with the audience.
Keep up the great work. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts . . .You gave us wonderful memories.

West Milford High School Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June22, 2010 show.)
The students enjoyed the show, didn't expect it to be so funny.  
Teachers also enjoyed the show.  We will want to re-book for next year.

Geoffrey Roning Group - Entertainment Agents Summer 09

Dear Bruce,  
I wanted to thank you once again for participating in our graduation season.

The client feedback on you and your show was very positive.  
Both the clients and I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility,
and how easy it is to work with you.

It isn't easy to find a hypnotist that understands the needs of the
graduates and their parents,
and I am very happy that we have found one who does.

thanks you again!

Wendy Ronning

Montville High School Drama Club, CT

Enjoyed it very much.
Loved seeing the kids' responses.
Couldn't believe it!
Couldn't be easier to work with you.

Note forwarded to the principal and superintendent:

"The kids were well behaved, the kids on stage were wonderful, and
Bruce James had great control.  It was an outstanding fundraiser."

 ~ Dee Lamperelli

Simsbury High School - Prom May 09

Everyone I talked to loved the show.  
The kids didn't move once the show started. Very professional.  
I saw another show of this type at a graduation event
and the performer was a little too sarcastic with the kids.  
Excellent Show

 ~ Debbie O'Brien

For More Info or to lock in your date, CALL
 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347
1-800-715-1333 x 3292
email us with your event details. ( place HYPNOTIST in subject)

create memories that last a lifetime   offers light educational message